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New York City is a paradise of so many things. But for the solo visitor finding a cheap hotel for singles in New York City can be an issue. NYC is home to numerous multinational corporate headquarters, global economic institutions, largest museums and galleries, lavish parks, trendy dining establishments, and so many other prestigious places. It is not surprising then that many people equate New York City with the a microcosm of the entire world, since many of the decisions that affect people all over the globe are made here every day. A trip to New York is a lifetime privilege in as much visiting New York is generally very pricey. The cost of one tour in NYC may get more expensive than the cost of traveling three to five other global cities combined.

Cheap Hotels for Singles in New York City

You are probably reading this because you’re planning your itineraries for your New York City trip. If you’re looking for Cheap Hotels for Singles in New York City, don’t be surprised if a hundred dollars will just give you a plain bed and a shared bathroom in a Hostel. NYC city is a jungle of culture, fascinating sights, and luxury. As one of the most affluent cities in the world, it is just logical that things to be seen here are breathing with sophistication and style, even within the city’s poorest neighborhoods.

If you are traveling alone and have a tight budget, you have several types of accommodation places to choose from: a bunk bed in a dormitory-like hostel, a small room with a bed and a shared bath, a similar small room with a private bath, a regular hotel room with the basic amenities, and of course, a suite with decent urban luxuries. A bed space in a hostel costs less than 50 dollars, a small room with shared bath less than 80 to 100, and a private room in any hotel is $100 dollars and up. When booking a room, don’t just focus on the price that it offers per night. Make sure that you know the amenities that are included in the room and read many different hotel reviews on Find A Hotel. There are hotels that look good in web photos, but are very dissapointing in reality. Reading the hotel reviews is the only way to distinguish the difference!

If you really want to save a lot on accommodation, it is recommended that you make early reservations, preferably a month to two weeks minimum before your arrival. Cheap Hotels for Singles in New York, even the very ugly ones can charge as high as what luxury hotels do, especially during peak seasons. If you’re making a reservation online, make sure that you receive a confirmation email, more so, its good practice to call the hotel three days before your check in to guarantee that a room has been reserved for you.

Cheap Hotels in New York City

New York City is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, but you can still find a cheap hotel in New York City. NYC is a global center of business, media, international relations, arts, tourism, economics, and so many other fields and institutions. Whether you’re traveling for business or for leisure, expect the trip to be a bit pricey. One way to save a lot in your travel is to find beautiful and strategically located but very cheap hotels in New York City.

There are a lot of cheap hotels in New York City, and while this article is tempted to list them, the city is too huge and contains too many affordable hotels to describe. In case you’re not aware, the city has five boroughs—Staten Island, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, and Brooklyn. These boroughs have their own unique culture, and actually when you tell a New Yorker about the borough you are staying in, he or she automatically gets an assumption of what kind of person are you.

Manhattan is where most of the city activities occur, and the cheap hotels in New York City that you can get in this borough range from $25 dollar hostels and up. You can try the Candy Hotel at Central Park, West Side Inn Hotel and The Widget Hotel at the Upper Westside, and Broadway Hotel at the West Side on Broadway for entry level pricing on hotels. These hotels have nice cheap rooms charging less than $75 dollars.

If you are staying in Brooklyn, the most populous borough, it’s quite difficult to find hotels that are less than $50 dollars per night. Brooklyn is known as a haven of artists, music arenas and beaches, and these niceties have their price in terms of accommodations. Try Brooklyn’s Sleep Inn and Red Carpet Inn which charge less than 100 dollars a night. Quality Inn in Coney Island is very cheap too, with less than a $120 dollar rack rate.

If you’re staying in Queens, you can find a lot of hotels that charge less than a hundred dollars. You can check out the Howard Johnson Express Inn at Downtown Woodside. There is also the Howard Johnson Inn Queens that offer very pretty but affordable rooms. These hotels start from $80 dollars.

If your destination is New York’s Bronx , consider the Howard Johnson at the West Farms area, which provides rooms less than a $100 bucks per night. The EconoLodge is also a smart option, offering rooms that start from $120 dollars per night. Many tourists do not consider the suburban Staten Island as a place to get accommodations in, but if you do, try the Staten Island Hotel and the Fort Place Bed and Breakfast, which range from $100 to $150 dollars per night.

Cheap Hotels near New York City

There is more to New York than New York City and if you are not heading for New York, New York, you should possibly look fora  cheap hotel around New York and not necessarily downtown. New York state includes the popular Catskills and skiing at the Finger Lakes. The Adirondack Mountains to the north are another well-known skiing area - centered around the former Olympic base of Lake Placid.

Staying in a cheap hotel around New York means that the visitor can enjoy world-class outdoor activities and even visit the famous Niagara Falls to the northwest on the Canadian border. Quaint and historic hotels abound in the region and there is really no reason to pay too much when you want a cheap hotel around New York City. In the Catskill Mountains there are resorts which provide a really pleasant break from the pace of New York, the city that never sleeps. You’ll get a better deal if you book mid-week, late, or early in the season which is generally from June to Labor Day. Also consider package deals where your hotel or resort will include other activities such as admission to festivals and fun rides in the village of Catskill.

Cheap Hotels in New York City, New York

If you are looking for a bargain hotel stay in New York then avoid the big-name hotels and instead look for a smaller, older boutique hotels. There are many cheap boutique hotels in New York which you will really enjoy. For the best bargains look for cheap hotels which are often called hostels, but are in fact just a cheap hotel usually with shared-facilities. Choose the location of your cheap hotel in New York City with some thought. Park Avenue is close to Grand Central Station, Fifth Avenue shopping and the UN, in contrast to city-center locations, you will be near the theater district. Manhattan is the place to be if you don’t want too long a walk home after the show. Staying in a Manhattan hotel will also give you a ring-side seat for the 4th of July fireworks.


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